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Plan for the Future: Will & Estate Planning Lawyers in Surrey

A great many people put off their estate planning in the mistaken belief that they do not need it or that it is extremely expensive to obtain the assistance of a Surrey will planning lawyer. In fact, just the opposite is true. Everyone needs an estate plan, and it is far more expensive getting a lawyer to help after the will takes effect (that is, upon the testator's death) than it is to plan for that eventuality. Get in touch with us at Yearwood – Lawyers today.


The Importance of a Will and Estate Lawyer in Vancouver, Langley or Surrey

Many people make the mistake of attempting to plan their testamentary affairs without a corporate lawyer's assistance, and that is equally doomed to difficulty. Wills and estates law is quite technical and complicated. However, with a relatively modest amount of assistance, you can make sure that your wishes are properly carried out, and you may even save your loved ones thousands of dollars in taxes and legal fees in the process.


Will & Estate Services Offered

We draw simple and complex wills, powers of attorney, living wills, medical legal directives and a variety of different types of trusts. We also assist in the probate of estates, and we provide general estate planning advice. For clients who find getting to our offices in Surrey and Vancouver difficult or inconvenient, we make home and hospital calls. We also handle contested estate matters and applications under the Patient's Property Act and the Wills Variation Act.


If you’d like to speak with one of our lawyers about your will, medical directive or other matter, please contact us at our Surrey location. We are more than willing to meet you at our office or we can arrange a meeting at your home, hospital or workplace. Our service areas are: Vancouver, Surrey, Coquitlam, Langley, Pitt Meadows and Maple Ridge.

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