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Statistically, it is unlikely that you will be involved in a motor vehicle accident involving a truck because of the millions of kilometers that are driven on our highways.

However, if you are, the consequences may be serious or even catastrophic.

Even smaller trucks are bigger, heavier and more rigid than passenger vehicles.

If it is a large tractor-trailer combination, the differences are extreme.

Your car might weigh 1000 kg.

The loaded semi-truck might weigh 75,000 kg.

Your car might end up underneath the tractor or underneath the trailer.

Yearwood – Dyson* Lawyers Has Experience as a Professional Truck Driver

Patrick Yearwood, the senior lawyer at Yearwood – Dyson* Lawyers, has had a class one license since 1973 and drove as a professional truck driver for a number of years before becoming a lawyer.

  • He has chained down loads and chained up his tires to deal with adverse weather conditions and mud.
  • He understands trucks and the trucking industry and how things really work in the world of trucking.
  • He can separate the wheat from the chaff when a truck is involved in an accident.
  • He understands how to keep logbooks and how the pay for truck drivers varies depending on many different factors.

If you have been involved in an accident involving a semi-truck, whether you are the truck driver or the other driver, Mr. Yearwood's experience will be put to very good use in representing you.

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