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How Do I Pay the Bills after an Accident?

So you get injured and you're not able to work. What do you do?

Right after your injury, you should seriously consider hiring a lawyer to help you with all of the difficulties that you face. It is very important that steps are taken to guarantee your flow of money while you are recovering from your injury.

Possible Options

  • Sick leave from your work
  • Short-term disability benefits through your work
  • Long-term disability benefits through your work on a private plan
  • If it is because of a motor vehicle accident, Part 7 benefits which pay up to $300 per week through ICBC
  • If you were injured at work, whether in a motor vehicle accident or not, you are entitled to the benefits payable under the Worker's Compensation Act
  • Apply for employment insurance medical benefits which give you up to 15 weeks of EI if you cannot work because of an injury or illness

How to Acquire Payment Options after an Accident

You should take immediate steps to ensure that whatever income streams you're entitled come to you so you can continue to meet your expenses that you have to pay whether you're working or not.

  1. First, contact your employer to determine if you're entitled to sick leave and/or short-term disability.
  2. At the same time, if you're injured in a motor vehicle accident ensure that you have filled out the ICBC CL 22 Form and provide it to ICBC asking that you receive the $300 per week.
  3. At the same time, submit your EI application for the medical disability benefit.

It often takes a number of weeks for EI to process your claim and start the flow of income. ICBC is usually quicker to react in providing the $300 per week.

Once your sick leave and short-term benefits are exhausted, it is usual for ICBC to pay the $300 per week until EI starts paying you for up to 15 weeks.

If you do not have a long-term disability plan, ICBC will continue its $300 per week payment once the 15 weeks of EI medical benefits have been exhausted.

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