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Depression/Anxiety/Psychological Injury Claims

People who suffer personal injuries often experience problems with depression, anxiety, extra stress and other psychological injuries.

This is as Real an Injury as If You Break Your Leg

About one third of the personal injury clients we see suffer from some sort of psychological injury.

Some people do not want to admit it and resist getting treatment for it. This is not good for your health and not good for ensuring that you receive a proper and fair dollar amount for your personal injury.

Not being able to sleep because of the pain that you suffer often leads to psychological problems. It wears down your ability to cope with everyday stressors which are made worse because of the extra financial pressure and other kinds of pressures because you were hurt.

It is important to recognize this as a problem; make sure that you talk to your family doctor about it and have him or her refer you to a psychologist or psychiatrist to make sure you get treated early on.

If left untreated, psychological injuries can worsen and can extend the time that you experience physical pain.

"Chronic pain" often has a psychological factor to it, and it is pain that lasts 6 months longer than it should.

If the psychological issues can be identified, treated and controlled, or eliminated early on, your recovery in all fronts will likely happen more quickly. If these problems continue, even after treatment is attempted, it will form the basis of a claim that will be more valuable.

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