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Getting Back on Your Feet after an Accident: 5 Tips for Physical & Emotional Recovery

Dealing with the aftermath of an accident can be an ongoing struggle. When you're injured, your recovery – like your injury – may be unlike anyone else's. And although your loved ones and friends may offer kindness and support, they may not always fully understand what you're going through. What's the best way to recover? How can you get back on your feet and make life feel like normal again? Here are 5 tips to consider as you recuperate.

Physical Recovery

1. Trust your body's signals.
Your body has just undergone tremendous stress. For a time, you may be unsure of your bodily sensations. Regardless of what they are, take note of them and try to define them in your own words. Is your pain sharp or dull? Constant or intermittent? Pulsing or steady? Do you sense that the pain is localized or general? As you hone in on the type of pain you're experiencing (rather than just reacting to the pain), you'll be able to talk to your doctor and family members in more specifics.

2. Accept changes as they occur.
Healing is not the same as “cure.” Healing takes time and is often painful. When you accept that pain is a normal signal for a system that has experienced malfunction, you may start to feel less impatient with your symptoms and feelings. Talk with others about the changes you're experiencing.

3. Ask for what you need.
After a traumatic injury, some patients try to “tough it out” rather than asking doctors and loved ones for help. Although it's natural to experience a sense of denial after an accident, over time it becomes increasingly important to communicate your needs. Don't punish yourself and try to tough it out. Let others know your needs, and you'll help yourself and them feel a little more control over your recovery.

Emotional Recovery

4. Accept your emotions.
In many ways, emotional healing is more difficult than physical healing, as it's less quantifiable and can be confusing. Remember – you experience emotions, but you aren't your emotions. What you're feeling now is simply what you're feeling. Accepting your emotions as they occur (without necessarily choosing to feed them) may be a positive step towards moving through them.

5. Understand you'll have both bad and good days.
When you accept your emotions, you may find over time that you don't stay stuck in a given emotion. Things are what they are, and your emotions may vary during the day. When you know your recovery doesn't have to be defined emotionally in a particular way, you will find it easier to accept whatever feelings you experience.

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